Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Wascally Wabbit!

“Systems check.”

“All systems online and fully operational.”

“Roger that. Set the nav computer to home ladies and gents. We’re getting the hell out of here!”

A chorus of “aye” could be heard over Selina’s neural ship comms as the crew turned to their stations, ready for the journey.

“Initiate warp sequence.”

And with that, the Ishkur frigate and its crew lurched forward, rocketing through space, bent on returning home….. or to die trying.

“They’re on the run!”


“KIA. They had a small gate camp set up in U-6. We just broke it up and now they’re on the run.”

“Ahh, roger that. I’m just a few jumps out from y’all. What’s their direction of travel?”

“We’re not entirely sure. Working on that now.”

Selina, noticing a flicker in another portion of her mental view, shifted her ‘eyes’ and mentally smiled to herself.

“No need pilot. They’re here, in my system LC. And you’re right. They do appear to be on the run,” she said as she watched the local pilot numbers trickle up and then start to drop again before the last of them had even entered system. Well this was certainly an opportunity she wasn’t about to pass up. “I’m warping to their outbound gate, VNPF. Try to see if I can lock one or two of them down.”

“In warp to the gate as well, Selina,” another pilot from her alliance announced.

Slowly the distance and the local numbers trickled down as her ship approached the gate until finally, the warp bubble collapsed. Her alliance mate, in another Ishkur, appeared to have landed just before her and was already moving to engage a straggling lone Jaguar. At first it appeared the Minmatar frigate was going to engage. Maybe if Selina had arrived only a few seconds later, he would have, but with the appearance of a second Ishkur, Selina’s Ishkur, he quickly disengaged and turned to run. Sadly for him because although he narrowly escaped certain doom at the hands of two Ishkurs… he was now trapped in the system.

A couple times Selina and the other Ishkur pilot nearly had him, chasing him from one place to the next, but each time narrowly missing him. She couldn’t help but chuckle and ‘tip her hat’ to the poor rabbit. For about 30 minutes they played this game. Occasionally he would make it out of the system only to return a moment later after seeing other ships on the other sides of the gates. Finally, after unsuccessfully being able to lock him down, she decided to just let him go and move on. The call of a nice hot dinner and a plush warm bed was becoming too much to ignore.