Monday, September 14, 2009


/begin rant.

I don't have a problem with pirates. I really, honestly, truly don't. I even gave a half-assed attempt at the pirate life myself a short time back while I was waiting on word about joining the nullsec corp I'm with now. I’ll admit it was a rather fail attempt but an attempt nonetheless. They swoop in, blow your ship to bits, loot your stuff, and then vanish as quickly as they appeared. Generally they fly small frigates and cruisers, opting for the quick hit and fade. Other times you'll find em in large groups with large ships, hurtling themselves mercilessly at anything that doesn't run or run away fast enough. I tip my hat to a lot of them, for both their skill and their prowess to be able to survive on such an existence. Not only survive....but thrive.

However, there are some out there calling themselves pirates that really get under my skin. To me, it's these people who tarnish the title of pirate. Frankly, in my opinion, they're not pirates at all but rather just posers who want numbers rather than quality for their killboards.

This is the second time this incident has happened to me so yeah. Maybe I’m shedding some so-called frustrated carebear tears over it, but it really is just pathetic.

What I’m talking about it is the slackers sitting at stargates in low sec, smart bombing rookie ships, shuttles and frigs coming out of warp at gates.

It seems to be a growing trend since I’ve been seeing it a lot more often lately. A trend I believe to be rather craptastic. I mean, if you do it on occasion for shits and giggles, fine. Whatever floats your boat and I wouldn’t be sitting here griping about it now even if I did find it annoying. But take for instance the guy who blew apart my haulers rookie ship this past weekend….

Quick story goes...I’d put a few +1 implants I’d obtained over time from doing low level missions into the hold of a freebie rookie ship and set out. She was headed from Jita to Heimatar to meet up with an old friend who recently got his pilot’s license. It’s not much, and generally worthless to me as I’ve got like a dozen of each implant type just sitting in my hanger there in Jita, but I figured a few implants would be quite helpful to him to stimulate his learning. I decided to set the course to go through the lowsec systems near Jita since I was in a free ship, and carrying nothing but 4 cheap implants. I wasn’t worried at all about losing em if I got caught somehow. If I was worried, I would’ve had no problem taking the long route….but again, didn't really care.

Anyways, keeping this story short, I got bombed coming out of warp at the second to last gate of the shortcut. Fortunately, 3 of the 4 implants went poof along with my ship so he didn’t get much out of it and all it really did was cause me to take an express trip back the six systems to Jita and make the trip again. The second time I simply avoided that particular gate and made it to my destination without a second incident.

Now, for the sake of not giving him whatever bit of glory or hard-on he gets from it, I’m refraining from mentioning his name but I will say he belongs to the Negative Ten corporation. And I mention this fact only because I found it rather funny that more than half of the people I saw from their corporation that day weren’t even negative five, this buffoon included. Anyways….in my usual fashion, I couldn’t help myself. Instead of running away in my pod like most probably would, I instead sat there, at the gate with him, making fun of him from my pod over local. Especially when he gloated about having the one implant that survived the wreck, as well as his fail attempt at smart bombing me in my pod. But then what really got me was when I check this guy’s killboard and see that a VERY large portion of his “kills” are frigs, shuttles, pods and rookie ships by….wouldn’t you guess…smart bombs!

For the love of the Eve gods….what is happening to pirates these days???

/end rant.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Don't go through Rancer. :) Its not a shortcut, its a deathcut.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. Idiot, Buffon, Asshat, etc, all seem to describe this particular brand of idiotic behavior best.

Anonymous said...

Suicide ganking, looking for BPC and BPOs that they can sell. It's just another form of piracy, no better or worse than any others.

Me personally, I prefer the pirates that are doing it for profit rather than shits and giggles, because they fit more with the in game story

Selina said...

Yes, but suicide ganking I can actually understand. In fact, it's something that CCP obviously wanted to happen else why would they even bother making cargo scanners? I know in lowsec, I sure as hell wouldn't stop to scan somebody's ship before I traded ammo with them. And anybody travelling through the lowsec systems near Jita with valuable BPOs is just dumb and deserve to lose em.

No, this guy from what I can tell was simply looking to have quantity over quality for his killboard and that to me is just sad. And what really got me, and why I decided to write this post, was because he actually considered himself a pirate for it. I'm sure many others will differ with me but in my opinion, there's a difference between pirates and posers. Him being the latter of the two.