Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Industrialist

“Hey love...”

“Hey hun! So…how did it go??”

“It went well. As expected, I’m on a trial basis but it was pretty much a sure fire thing to get that at least. She’s already discu….”

“Wait a minute…she?” the woman on the screen spoke, her eyes narrowing at him slightly.

“Yes, it’s a she,” the man answered, a gentle chuckle rumbling through his throat. “No worries love. She may in essence be immortal but she’s still only half my age.”

“Hmm….but didn’t you already tell me she was Gallante?”

“Yes…she is…but..”

“Well then, that’s bad enough. We both know how free spirited and troublesome Gallante women can be. You watch yourself around her. I swear I will hunt…” She cut short as he burst out in full blown laughter. “It’s not funny,” she exclaimed with a pout, crossing her arms over her chest in a defiant stance.

“Yes it is,” he said, continuing to laugh. “You damn well know better than that, so stop pretending.”

“Oh….blah,” she sneered before a smile broke across her own face. “Still though, just be good.”

“You know I will be.”

“So when will you be home?”

He sighed and leaned back in his seat. “I’m afraid that won’t be for awhile. In fact, I’m not sure when exactly it will be. I mean, at present, I’m working on sorting and consolidating the assets here in Jita. Once I’ve got that accomplished, I’ve gotta pick up where her hauler pilot left off; sorting through bpo’s, doing some recon for possible locations to put up a POS, and possibly even doing a little market trading to get isk flowing here in Empire.”

Shrugging, he sat up a bit straighter, glancing over the reports splayed out on his work center’s screen.

“I’ll give the girl credit though. It definitely appears she’s done her research. I’ve got a listing of potential gear to put out buy orders for, along with what systems to buy and what systems to sell in, an entire and complete schematic for a POS setup, a complete skill training plan, along with a neural remap point, for the next 8 months, and a growing list of spreadsheets for tracking production and sales. This girl definitely shows that she knows how to run a business…. So what am I here for again??”

The woman laughed. “Planning is one thing darling. Doing is another. And she couldn’t hire a better man for the job.”

Grinning, ‘Wolf’ playfully lifted his nose to the air. “You’re just saying that cuz you’re my wife.”

“Yeah. You’re right. But if anything, at least you’ll get the skill injections from her. If things don’t work out, I’m sure you’ll be able to at least sell your services to someone else at the bazaar. “

“True. But alright. I gotta catch some sleep. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”

“Sounds good. Love you.”

“Love you too,” he said just before closing the vid link and slipping away to find the warm comfort of his bed.