Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Show Me the Iskies!

So I was actually able to undock for the first time in what would seem like forever. Okay...not really forever but still, it was a rather lengthy bit of time.

I'd particularly set this weekend aside for Eve as the tournament began this week and so far it seems to be kicking off to a great start. Not so much for my own alliance as admittedly we got pummelled in our first match but ahh well. Our team had a decent setup in my opinion, just that their opponents came with something better.

As for my own activities while this was going on, I did jack into the ship in just enough time to hear of a POS defense fleet in effect. Seems Brick Squadron had decided to put one of our own POS's into reinforced mode. I didn't make it in time for most of the action, although I guess there never was much...but after hopping in the Megathron, I undocked and headed to the system anyways along with another pilot named S3V3N in a battleship as well and an inty pilot (whose name I forgot, apologies) scouting for us through the 9 or so jumps. Unfortunately, we made it just in time to meet up with the main fleet for the roam back to our home system. The bricks did manage as we were leaving to put a small fleet together to trail behind us on our way home but pretty much kept their distance, only hoping to pick off any stragglers.

I had to take care of a few errands after that, so once again, i missed another fleet op but ahh well. I spent the rest of the weekend attempting to earn back some of the money I spent on my move out to nullsec.

Speaking of which...I'm going to have to look into other means of isk making. I mean, in roughly the 8 or 9 hours of ratting, i made about 120 million in bounties and picked up a lot of nice loot and salvage but that's a lot of time spent making...well...not the huge sums of money I had heard could be made living the 0.0 life. I've never done a 0.0 plex so I might hunt down one of those and give it a try but I've heard they can be quite difficult to manage solo.

The other thing I've considered is moon mining. Though I haven't the foggiest idea how that works. As I understand it, you set up a tower, put some moon thingamajigs up next to it, set up some defenses, some silos, and give it fuel. Somehow though that just seems a little too simple.... :/ Besides the fact I don't even know what skills I'd need to operate all this and even if I did figure all that out, what the hell am I going to do with the minerals a tower might mine when I can't even fly a hauler bigger than an Iteron I?

Meh...I'll try the plex thing. See how that goes first before I start looking at industrial endeavors. I'm currently finishing the training for Energy Management V to be able to train thermodynamics, thus able to overheat my modules. After that, though, I have Survey and one other somewhat lengthy skill I intend to train to use hacking and archaeological modules. I mean, I don't mind running plexes with corpmates and friends, but I would like to find things I can do solo given the vast majority of my corp mates are mostly European based timezone while I myself am American. If I can't run 0.0 plexes solo, then I just may set myself up a jump clone in a quiet sector of low sec to run plexes in. I can think of a few places that might be great for that...

Note to self though...may need to work a bit more on my probing skills given the amount of time it's taken me in the past to narrow down those sites....

Any other thoughts though would be appreciated! :)


Casiella Truza said...

For probing skills, don't forget that anomalies can be picked up with 100% results by your on-board scanner...

Dante Edmundo said...

To run your own tower you need to start your own corp. You will also need to train up on gunning skills which require a number of different pre-reqs as well I believe.

But that's not the half of it ... you gotta make sure your tower is fueled at all times and it can easily run you 100 mil a month, AND you have to install all the mining structures and silos etc.

You have to worry constantly about your tower being raided and so on and so on.

It is however, supposedly profitable.

Just a matter if that's the kinda thing you might enjoy or not.

Mining in null-sec supposedly can make you ALOT of money, but again you need 1) real high mining skills and 2) good logistics and 3) someone to sell boat-loads of ore too ...

unless you take up manufacturing. I happen to enjoy the manufacturing end of EVE but it ain't for everyone.

Manufacturing can easily double the isk you make off of mining but it takes more skill training and you need to be able to set up shop somewhere.

Minyxee "Life in Low Sec" blogger (although it's more like my life in a wormhole these days) is part of a online ISK poker site, and she apparently makes good money just playing poker!

You'll have to know how to hold'em though, and no when to fold'em.

Anonymous said...

Some more info...you do not have to start your own Corp for moon mining. You just have to confirm with your Corp that 1) there is a moon not already being harvested, 2) said moon has something worthwhile) 3) They do not mind you making money on said moon. Once you get the results of the mining then ...depending on market you can sell it...Highly complicated process I must admit.

If it were me, i'd vote for complex's

Manasi has not earned a penny except from selling salvage and mods since I have been in Stain/Esoteria. My alts make my money and transfer it to me.

There just really is not an easy answer. Except the Plex's


Selina said...

@Casiella - I actually haven't tried for a bit, at least not since I've been in 0.0 but when I was runnin solo in lowsec, I was having no luck whatsoever picking anything up with the onboard scanner. Did CCP decrease the anomolies in k-space? or was I just being unlucky?

@jamenta - Tried poker. and normally I'm not bad at poker but after going 100mil in the negative, i gave up. lol

@Manasi - Yeah, I've been salvaging most of my rat kills and have a fairly large amount of salvage piled up in the hanger along with grabbing every meta 4 module I see. Had one faction cruiser spawn that gave me a couple decent objects as well. These I haven't shipped to be sold in empire so I might have a fairly substantial amount that I didn't really account for. There's also a number of different guides out there on how to chain the rats in belts, but they all differ in their methods. Any thoughts on what's right and wrong?

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

To gain the best rate per hour from ratting is just to chain spawns and skip the salvage/looting part.

Most of the loot will fill up the cargo very quickly and salvaging takes too long.