Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Era In Eve

They are calling it Dominion. They are calling it the emergence of sovereignty. They are reshaping capital fleets as we know it, tweaking the combat effectiveness of factional ships, boosting the capabilities of the assault frigates, pushing forward with the development of a new IGB (In Game Browser - and not entirely sure if that will be released with the next expansion), cleaning the feeds our camera drones give when viewing planets, and more…. All adding up to an entire revamping of what it is we are fighting for, and how we are fighting for it, out in the depths of nullsec and even in empire.

Back in March of this same year, a series of cataclysmic anomalies took place and we were introduced to what was termed Apocrypha. That alone brought not only a few changes, such as the massive overhaul of the probing system, but also the discovery of wormholes. Natural phenomenon that provided portals to systems previously unknown to the current population. It was here we discovered the lost race known as Sleepers, which in turn led to the development and introduction of what has been dubbed T3 technology. The face of our universe changed….but more than just changing, it grew. It was, as most believed, an epic alteration to the universe we knew.

Some went on with their regular schedules. Living out their busy lives in Empire or 0.0 with their regular doses of combat and/or production. Markets fluctuated but eventually settled back into a regular flow. Business went on as usual. For others, the dream of exploring strange, new, uncharted systems, finding an entire system they could call their own, prospecting for materials and salvage that could fatten their wallets… It was these things that drew them out of Empire to live amongst the unknown stars.

But that was then….and this is now.

Within only a year, the universe as we know it is about to change yet again. Much of what we knew will be wiped clean. And once more, we, the pod pilots of Eve, will be called upon to adapt…….or die.

I suggest you buckle your seat belts boys and girls, cause this is gonna be one hell of a ride!