Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clueless Endeavors

"Begin recording...

"I really have no idea what I'm doing. And am I odd for saying I find it to be quite comical?

"Basically, I’m nearly finished training up all the skills to a suitable level for building. As per my usual though, I’m now questioning myself and wondering if it was really intelligent of me to train myself for this. I don’t have an “associate” like many do (although I once did) so I pretty much do everything on my own. I did take a small amount of time away from my own training, to train up my hauler pilot. However, the gal is really only trained just enough to transport any materials to and from our staging base in Empire. Otherwise, she has pretty much no other skills. I mean, I brought her on-board my roster before the new pilot academy system was put into effect, so she at least had a base set of skills to work off of. But beyond the minimum knowledge in Minmatar combat systems, and the skill to fly her Amarrian hauler, she knows little else. And I have no intention or desire in the near future to train her any further as it would inhibit my own training too much.

"So the reason for this brainstorm is that I’m considering hiring a new associate to be a focused industrial coordinator. This is, for the most part, what my previous associate was, but he was focused more on mining as well as exploration than actually building anything. A true prospector if you will. In hiring a new associate, I would want a character focused entirely on industrial skills for both building, as well as training up the skills needed to eventually fly a jump freighter. This leaves me with the question of either train one up myself or just get up the money to buy an already trained character from the eve-o forums… For now though, I think I’ll just wait a bit and see how things work out with doing it myself to build.

"Biggest hurdle will be finding a place to do the material and time efficiency research. I can see it being rather difficult to find that here in 0.0 without setting up my own POS. But a POS, after some thought, is a burden I really don’t think I want right now. So I may just look into a few quiet, remote, low sec stations. HOWEVER, that in and of itself creates some problems and is thus the reason why I’ve started considering getting an associate. If I have to do all my research in empire, it could seriously inhibit my ability to be an active, reliable member for my corporation. Having my research done so far away will require me to jump clone back and forth quite regularly. Due to the 24 hour cool down period between jump cloning, this means there may be a lot of days where I won’t be able to respond to any spur of the moment CTAs or home defense.

"But again, this is all initial thinking and I’ll get it all figured out eventually.

"As for BPOs….well I already have a rather significant amount of BPOs piling up in my hanger. It’s taken a fair amount of traveling to gather all that I currently have, and I still have a few more I want to get. Problem is that I’m having a tough time locating them all. I’ve mostly been focusing on the original, seeded locations to purchase the BPOs as this is generally the cheapest price, as well as the most focused locations, for an entire category of BPOs I’m looking for. However, a few of the BPO categories I’m seeking are being a bit elusive. There just doesn’t seem to be a good, solid reference as to which corporation I can find a particular BPO from.

"Ahh well, I’m actually kind of enjoying this little treasure hunt.

"End recording."


Anonymous said...

Sexiest EVE blog background ever.

Good writing too.

Will be checking back more here.