Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Terrible Pilot

Yep. That would be me. Not just due to my lack of actually utilizing this journal but also due to my lack of activity within the universe that is Eve. I had a rough time there for a bit trying to get back into it. I renewed my pilot's license only to move my gear to null and then go idle. And eventually, I let my license lapse again. And now, here I am attempting to make another go. This time however, things are MUCH different.

Returning to the pod life, it was no surprise to find myself in an NPC corp with half my gear stuck in numerous stations around the north. Fortunately, this time, I still had clones installed within those stations as they still belonged to the same owners as when I'd left. My first thought was to rejoin the corp I'd been removed from for lack of activity, as the offer had been made. However, I knew that would just be condemning myself to failure and boredom once again. Null is stagnate, at least in the north, and just the idea alone of playing thunder dome bored me. No, this time I knew I had to find something entirely new.

I've been following, even during my time away from the capsule, a very entertaining blog by a pilot known as Penny. (not even going to attempt the last name) If you've never read her blog, you should. I have given, and will do so again, her props for making even an uneventful evening interesting. Even if you've never piloted a ship in Eve, you just may be interested in giving it a try after reading her journal entries.

How she writes though isn't what this is about. It's what she writes about. Or more specifically, the area of Eve she resides in. Wormholes.

I've always held some interest in wormholes ever since they first started appearing. The idea of a new frontier is certainly appealing when most of known space is occupied. I can't imagine anything better than an area constantly being in a state of flux, that from one day to the next you never know where you may be connected to, or who could be watching you... So exciting!

So I did it. I made the leap. I put all my ships that I couldn't retrieve up on contracts, extra gear on the market, and bought a T3 Proteus. Immediately, I scanned down a wormhole and for 2 to 3 weeks, allowed myself to be "lost" in wormhole space. This allowed me the opportunity to get comfortable with no longer having an intel channel and force myself to become familiar with properly bookmarking important aspects, such as the wormholes themselves, take notes of my routes (in the event I needed to make a hasty retreat) and quickly identify and locate towers within the various systems. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to catch any targets of opportunity but that was mostly due to me ignorantly bringing core scanner probes rather than combat probes, a lesson in and of itself.

Since then, I found myself a very active corp, part of the Ushra'Khan alliance. I didn't even realize Ushra'Khan had left null-sec until I'd come across this group. Either way, both my corp and the alliance have been absolutely awesome since I'd joined their ranks. They have been very patient with me as I learn more about life in wormholes and they've certainly been very helpful filling in those knowledge gaps where I'm not clear.

I've also managed to get my first kill with them since my return to pod life. Surprisingly, it wasn't in W-space, but rather in low sec. I was returning from an earlier day's roam through a mix of w-space and lowsec, where I had to unexpectedly dock and log off due to an out-of-pod responsibility. An alliance mate was wanting to get an orca through a few lowsec systems to a high sec island, where we had an entrance to our home system. Since I was already headed that way in my Proteus, I offered to provide webbing escort. He got through the second gate ahead of me and was immediately warp scrambled by a lone battlecruiser. I arrived on scene just in time to assist the gate guns in killing the battlecruiser before he was able to take out the orca. What happened next I'm not sure whether to consider fortunate for me or unfortunate for the both of us.

After killing the battlecruiser, I was still flagged as criminal from webbing the alliance Orca (something that I think is in need of a fix) and quickly made a break to a nearby planet, not realizing the Orca was warping to the next gate. He jumped on contact....only to be facing a small fleet of local pirates associated with the previous battlecruiser pilot. At first, it was a Loki and a Drake, of which I'd considered engaging in perhaps another attempt to save the Orca, but just as I activated the gate to jump, the alliance mate notified me of more hostile ships arriving on scene. So I did the only thing I could think to do.

I cloaked up and ran.

There was nothing I could do. With so many ships warping in to get in on the kill, attempting any sort of assist would've only resulted in just adding my own ship hull to the wreckage. In retrospect, we both knew it was a very dangerous game we were attempting. The chance to kill a tech 3 ship escorting an Orca? It's like a pirate's wet dream. But for me, if anything came from it, I was at least able to show prove my willingness to be involved in alliance affairs early on.


pjharvey said...

Thanks! It's good to see you writing again, and to have another capsuleer enter and enjoy w-space.