Saturday, April 20, 2013

Enjoying the Hole

The past few days have been at best interesting. I certainly am enjoying my time with the new alliance and certainly learning a great deal about life in a wormhole. The corp I joined I've come to realize are fairly new. Not that it makes any sort of difference to me. If anything, it makes it more enjoyable as we learn to survive this isolated existence together. It also helps that apparently many of our alliance mates are quite familiar with wormhole life.

Since being here though I've had numerous opportunities to join in on some of the PVE and have to say I was honestly a tad surprised how simple it was. This is to say contrary to the impressions I originally had. To be honest, I had this impression that sleepers were an incredibly difficult race to clear but reality is that it's only very mild differences from a level 4 mission in high sec or belt rats in null. Either way, with the combined efforts of 3 or 4 tengus, we can clear sites with amazing speed.

I guess I should also mention the tech 3 ships, in general, are really rather new to me. Yes, I did go solo roaming for 2 weeks in one but never saw any combat against other pod pilots, sleepers, or any pirate factions. Since I've joined this group, that's all changed and my impressions of the T3 ships is, for lack of better term, awesome. Why didn't I get into one before?!

The Tengu is a phenomenal ship. Capable of tanking like a battleship but killing faster. The Proteus is a machine. At close range, it chews other ships to pieces while nearly ignoring the almost useless responses of its enemies. I'm feeling eager now to try out the Loki and the Legion.

But first things first, need to continue my long training towards finally flying my first carrier! It's something I've long to do and now that I can fly and t2 fit nearly every subcap, I'd say it's definitely time!


pjharvey said...

Strategic cruisers are amazing ships. I remember when I first jumped in one, and feeling the remarkable difference between anything I'd flown before. They certainly feel like half-billion ISK cruisers.

Sleeper are also quite formidable. I think perhaps you are lucky in being with a corporation that knows how to handle them, and that it's fair to say that most pilots with no experience of Sleepers significantly underestimate their capabilities. They are much tougher than k-space rats, and output more damage because they don't output a specific damage type.

But, yes, once you know what you're doing, they feel like ordinary rats. You definitely will notice the difference if you go ratting in null-sec again, though.