Saturday, March 17, 2012

Settling In

So my gear is staged, my clones relocated, and my desire for blood and war ready to be satiated. Now I just need to find willing combatants...

So far with this new bunch, I've seen quite a large share of operations take place. Unfortunately, most of em I observed while working to get my gear moved to the proper staging locations. However, in the two days since my gear has been relocated to these stations, I've been able to get in on two fleets. Both fleets were really quite entertaining to fly with. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get in on any real kills other than a couple of SBUs (Sovereignty Blockade Units) that were dropped in ally space but I've gotten a chance to see how their fleets operate and am impressed. Fleet comms at times did get a bit messy from time to time, but when work needed to be done, the level of professionalism by the fleet commander and the fleet members themselves seemed top notch. Only once did I observe a single individual out of the 500 in the first fleet and about 250 in the second get out of line (apparently went afk while holding on the frontlines...). There was also a moment where some fleet members took a slightly different route than the main contingent, but was due to instructions to reach destination at best pace and their autopilot navigation differed for one reason or other.

We did see one fleet engagement. I was not able to get in on any of the kills given a disagreement my ship had with a POS shield and thus arrived on the battlefield too late to get in on the action before the enemy disengaged and warped off. However, it gave me a chance to observe their handling of target calling and such and again, I was impressed.

So although my own desire for blood has not be fulfilled, I am certainly looking forward to the many days to come flying with these new brethren of mine.


Anonymous said...

hey Selina, good to see you back - I just resubscribed myself :-)

May your pew be forever glorious!