Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Yep. That's right. I'm back. As of about 2 weeks ago, I decided to renew my pilot's license and am once again cruising the stars and it's been quite an entertaining ride already. (and that's my tl;dr)

When I had last gazed upon my hanger, already the map was becoming distorted, unfamiliar. Upon returning, as I expected, I was no longer allied to anyone. My previous corp had, as was also expected, booted me from their ranks. The map as I had once known will never be the same. New faces, new tactics, new...well...nearly everything seemed new to me! I feel like a shopaholic at the mall with a brand new credit card and a recent release of all the newest fashions!

So of course first things first. Given my lack of status within the region, I popped open my asset window and took note of where all my belongings were. Fortunately, before shit really hit the fan, I'd been able to get MOST of my assets out. However, I hadn't been able to get a couple larger ships out as well as some minor ships and gear dabbled about here and there. I then double checked to see where some of my old corp mates from years past had gone off to. They as well seemed to have dispersed to the stars. So now the choice came. Attempt to sell off my goods stuck in various stations around the area or attempt to join one of the local corporations. Only thing I was sure of is that I did not want to return to high sec empire. So I looked into two options before making the decision to sell. Did I want to try out wormhole life (something I admit to always being curious about) or did I want to just stay in nullsec?

Although wormholes certainly seem intriguing, I pretty much knew the obvious answer. Getting into an already established, and decent wormhole corp, is difficult at best. It takes a LOT of trust in your corp mates to successfully live in a wormhole. It is something that would take a lot of time to build before they even let you into their system, time I wasn't sure I wanted to invest.

Nullsec, on the other hand, is already home to me. Its had its hooks in my heart since before I even stepped foot in my first nullsec alliance. The political confrontations have always intrigued me.

Thus, the choice became obvious.

HOWEVER, given my lack of knowledge for the current political structure, as in who's allied with who and who isn't, choosing where to settle was a difficult choice and I admit I got a bit...rushed, to get things moving. I talked with a few corp recruiters and one did an excellent job of wooing me into complacency and quick trust. (yeah, my eve mentality was a bit rusty) He managed to talk me into contracting a couple of my fitted ships to be courier'd to their home system prior to being accepted into corp. I know, I know. Dumb move by me and well played on his part as I'm now out two ships. Ahh well. Chalk it up to a lesson learned.

Anyways, during my wait, I met with another recruiter representing 1st Steps Academy, a member corporation of the Fidelas Constans alliance. Talked with him for a fair bit of time and after some deliberation, decided to join up. And so far I've been very happy with the decision. They all seem to be a great group of people and I'm looking forward to flying with them in the days to come.

So that's where I stand now. Most of my gear has been moved and in place and I'm ready to wreak havoc across the vast expanse of the Eve universe once again.