Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Break

It's been over a year since my last post on this recording of my pod life. I don't regret it either. This past year saw me slowly losing my interest in undocking. And then, when the glorious CCP gave us our own quarters, and the ability to leave the pod... I guess I lost interest for some time in ever getting back in it. (not to mention my "brain" nearly melted when trying to explore the oh-so-wonderful CQ) But perhaps I should mention that CQ was really just the final drop for me on a growing pile of negative experiences.

I guess it started when the corp I was with chose to join a low-sec alliance. Not that it was a bad thing but at that time I was really just in the mood to sit comfy in high sec for awhile. Slowly the corp member base began vanishing from our high sec system and thus things started to get a lot quieter. So I chose to move on.

I ended up creating a corp of my own. Really just because I didn't want to be in the default corporation. But with my associates, the corporation Hellhound Productions was given birth. It was a temporary thing, something to make tracking my various associates efforts a little more effortless for me. It was a good endeavor but not really one I had any intention of growing. The problem is that I am a bit of a social bug. So after awhile, the need for a more fulfilling existence grew beyond my ability to contain it. Thus, I sought company with a corporation I felt I could mesh well with. Deep in nullsec with the Mostly Harmless alliance.

Things were going alright at first. However, it was nothing like life with SSE and Sys-K. The leadership for the corp/alliance was a bit more fragmented. I had a more difficult time comprehending what was even going on. What really didn't help was that the corp and alliance relied heavily upon a forum board for getting news out. A forum board that was consistently screwed up to the point of where I could never even get on it, and thus had no idea when ops and other important info was being posted. So even though I was living where I wanted to be, I still felt a bit detached. It was also a bit of a pain in that given I hadn't acquired a carrier yet, I was moving my gear ship by ship through some rather turbulent areas. Moving stuff this way can be excruciatingly taxing.

And then a real bomb dropped. Without much notice, the corporation I was in was booted from the alliance. Everyone was so caught up getting their own shit out, I was pretty much stranded as my calls for assistance went unanswered. So I did the only thing I could think to do. I left the corp and sought employment with another corporation in MH. By then I'd decided I just wanted out and so my only real reason for joining a MH corp was to get my gear out. Unfortunately, that's when shit REALLY hit the fan for all of MH. My routes out were suddenly under constant attack from invading forces, jump bridges where being decimated and often JB passwords would be changed (and of course i still had no access to the forums so I couldn't retrieve the new ones).

To top it off, stations where I still had ships and gear stashed were quickly falling into enemy hands and thus cutting me off from retrieving them. So here I find myself, sitting in one of those stations that is now an enemy controlled with most of my gear spread around me, deep in enemy territory. I guess all I can do now is sell my stuff in a sudo-fire sale, hoping to get a decent amount, and then clone jump to empire. That is...whenever i reactive my pilot's license.