Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ready for More

Selina sat cross legged in the thick recliner she'd had placed in her hanger. Some thought her a little odd in that regard when she could have been relaxing in the more comfortable environment of the pilot's lounge or some other fancy place within the station or even aboard one of her ships, but it just wasn't her way. She preferred the smells of the hanger, the smells of oil and burned metal from the welding torches. She liked feeling always in the mix of things whenever her ships were involved and this was the best place to do it from. So after much disputing and haggling with the hanger's safety coordinator she got her way and was allowed to keep the recliner amongst the other gear staged off to the side of the hanger.

Sighing, she looked up from the neocom pad. She'd been plucking away at the damn thing nearly all morning getting her assets in order, setting her skill uploads and reconfiguring them for the most optimal training time, reading and responding to personal and business evemails, making sure her finances were in order, purchasing ammo and whatever other equipment she'd be needing soon and going over standing transactions with the various factions and corporations. As if taunting her, she watch as one of her corp mates flew past her hanger at that very moment, on his way out the docking tunnel. But it wasn't just a longing to be out in space. She could have her crew mustered and on-board within minutes if she so desired. No. That wasn't it at all.

Selina had started taking missions in the low sec areas surrounding her corporations little high sec pocket. Many of her corp mates thought she was a little crazy for doing so and suggested some alternative agents in high sec where the risk was greatly reduced...but that was just the problem. To Selina, without the risk, it was tedious and a tad bit boring. In fact, every time she flew out to complete this mission or that for her low sec agent, she was actually hoping a pirate would come swooping in thinking he'd get an easy kill. Using a method that made doing the missions a bit longer, she was utilizing guerrilla style combat by swooping in just close enough to take out any stray mission targets before running back out, with hopes of drawing some more of the targets away from her original warp in location. The mindset behind it was two fold. First, to keep damage taken from the mission targets to an absolute minimum and second, to stay far enough away from the warp in point that it'd give herself time in the event of a pirate appearing, to determine if she'd have a chance of killing them or not. If not, she simply warped out. If so...well then game on. The distance would give her the time as well to switch out the ammo in her T2 blasters to the high quality stuff she always carried, acquire a target lock, burn in under full afterburner, engage her webber and scram and finally release her drone as her blasters opened fire. Soon she would be doing this in an assault frigate which would only increase her chance of a successful encounter.

Aye, its what she longed for and figured if she did it often enough....her chance of such an encounter would only increase 10 fold. Sure, she could just go out and try to hunt them down but at least this way it was much more constructive as at the same time she would be getting some work done for the agents in the region and making a little bit of isk in the process. Pity for them when they found out too late that she wasn't really there at all for the mission... Soon she would have t2 medium blaster capabilities. So at that point she might even consider bringing in a cruiser. Although that assault frigate was definitely a temptation she was hard-pressed to ignore.

Either way, she smiled to herself as she went back to working on her neocom pad. Aye, even with her blood lust raging, she maintained her patience. She knew her time will come....oh yes, her time will definitely come...


Leumas said...

I think you mean 'guerrilla', the hit and run ambush tactic.

Other than that, great entry. A little risk certainly can go a long way towards making the game more enjoyable.

Selina said...

Doh! Your right. edited. But yeah...you should see my spelling skills BEFORE I use the little spell check thingy. :)