Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Some!

Solar System: Maire (0.7)
Region: Solitude
Sovereignty: Gallante Federation

With her back against the wall, eyes closed, Selina sat in comfortable silence in the booth across from Jassiel. About an hour before, she had shut down the engines of the Thorax cruiser, letting the ship drift silently in space while she detached herself from her pod to join her friend in the ship's diner for pleasant meal. For once she'd actually finished before Jassiel, an oddity since she was usually pestered crew members, many of which had never seen her before in person and simply wanted to meet her, to be able to tell their friends and family back home that they had the fortune of not only being on a ship piloted by a capsuleer but to have actually met that capsuleer in person. It was an honor that most would never experience.

At first Selina thought this to be a little over blown. She initially didn't think of herself as anything special. So she took some test back in the day. So what? It wasn't some immensely difficult test that she had to spend years, days or even hours studying for. She simply walked into a medical testing facility, lay'd quietly on a examination table while they poked and prodded her and ran numerous scans, sat through a lengthy session answering odd questions given by some clinically too-efficient head shrink, and filled out a few standardized forms. Again, so what?

Yet, when you compared the number of pod pilots flying about to the billions upon billions of people in the universe of Eve....well, it really began to put things into perspective. Never mind taking into account that even if a person were to pass the initial tests, most never survived in the pod for more than 2 weeks. It was known to every pilot that the initial two weeks were always the trial weeks. It seemed to be the point at which the body either chose to adapt to the rigors of the pod...or just sputter out of existence. It was for this reason that most pilot corporations did not except any pilots below that mark.

Just as Jassiel was finishing her meal, Selina having done so a short time ago already, the krono on her wrist began beeping the notification sound of a skill upload completion. Tapping it, a holoscreen materialized above it, showing her which skill had completed. At once her face lit up in what could almost be described as a more feral grin than excited one. Jassiel could only tip her head, curiosity forming in her own eyes at what the devilish pod pilot could be so wickedly excited about.

After taking a few seconds to switch out the skill "book" from her training implant near the back of her scalp, she finally turned her eyes towards Jassiel, the grin having never subsided in the least. "Seems we have a bit of shopping to do."

Jassiel smiled but the look of confusion remained. "Is that right?"

Nodding, Selina rose from the table. "Have all hands report to stations. Notify the crew of Poison Seed to have the Incursus prepped for the low sec run to Jita and to be ready for launch by the time we arrive at station." Pausing for a moment, her face twisting just slightly as she worked some thoughts over in her head. Reaching over, she plucked the pen from Jassiel's breast pocket, grabbed a napkin from the table dispenser and began jotting down a few items. "I want these modules and gear loaded into its cargo bay as well to take with us," she said before sliding it over to the woman across from her.

Taking it, Jassiel peered it over for a moment, glanced at Selina, looked back at the list, back to Selina and was just about to look at the list again when the realization hit her like a Dominix without an e-brake. Quickly she stood, already activating her comm link with the bridge and relaying the commands given to her. Selina stood as well, both girls quickly rushing from the dining facility towards the capsule chamber.

When they reached the ready room, Selina was quick to disrobe as Jassiel prepared the pod for pilot reinsertion. As she began lowering herself into the pod goo, Jassiel reached out and lightly touched her. "Can't resist asking....which model are you planning to get?"

Selina laughed lightly before giving her a wink. "Definitely the Ishkur my dear Jassiel. As if there was any other choice..."