Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving to Bigger Fish

Pushing the throttle to max and engaging afterburner, the Incursus screamed straight into the mix of roughly 20 rogue drones, hybrid blasters spewing forth their destructive trails of light. At first they scattered like marbles, surprised and confused by the sudden appearance of the ship in their midst. But when the realization sank in, the angry drones fired up their own weapons systems and carelessly launched themselves back towards the intruding frigate. It was at this point, another drone appeared in the fight, having launched from the bay of the ship. Now, between the frigate and the advanced tech2 drone, each blast of their weapon systems exposed the internals of a rogue drone, removing them instantly from the skirmish. One by one they were reduced to floating piles of scrap metal. However, with little thought for their own survival, the drones continued their onslaught. Eventually they chose to call for backup but like their former brethren, those reinforcements were also made short work of by the invading ship and its drone counterpart.

From the initial attack of the frigate to the fiery explosion of the last drone, it was all over in a matter of about 5 minutes. Space once again settled into its cold, lifeless void as the frigate recalled it's drone and warped away.

"Control, this is Incursus frigate, Poison Seed, requesting docking clearance."

"Docking request accepted, Poison Seed. Please relinquish all controls of your ship and you will be towed to your hanger."

"Roger that Control. Powering down."

As her camera vision went dark and her mortal body's senses returned, Selina reached behind her head and unplugged the wire leading from the pod to her implant. Planting her feet firmly on the bottom of the pod, she thrust herself upwards through the thick pod goo to the now open hatch where her seemingly too thin attendant, Jassiel, waited with a dry towel. "These flights are getting a lot shorter Miss Selina," Jassiel said with a bemused smile that barely creased the corners of her lips as Selina wiped the goo from her body.

Selina returned the smile with slight roll of her eyes. It wasn't from annoyance towards the girl. No. The girl was right. The missions, the targets, the was all becoming too ridiculously simple and monotonous. The agent she worked for just never seemed to have anything more challenging. In fact, half the time she felt like she was running the same mission she'd done only the day before, sometimes only hours before even. To top it all off, the pay was definitely not going to make her a very rich pilot any time soon. "Yeah....perhaps its time we moved on? Find ourselves a new agent to work for..."

"It certainly wouldn't hurt Miss Selina. The crew is getting restless. A lot of them joined or trained to be a crewman so they could travel, see what there is to be seen in the depths of space. Shoot. Most of the time we go out, we only take the Incursus. I mean...I know its definitely perhaps more than enough even for these missions we've been running, but it means majority of the crew are left behind to occupy themselves until our return and more importantly until it's their turn to go out with us."

Selina wiped the last of the pod goo from her skin and handed the towel back to Jassiel as she made her way to the shower, the girl following close behind. Stopping just short of the shower door, she bit her lip as she looked back at the girl in contemplation. "Alright, alright...I'll do a search on the aura network later today and see what I can come up with," she spoke as the girl grabbed another dry towel from the storage compartment and laid it neatly on the bench just to the side of the shower door. "I're right of course, we're definitely ready now to work for someone that will offer us better missions. Missions at a slightly higher level than what that drudge we've been working for can offer..."

Jassiel looked up at her with a small gleam in her eye. "My thoughts exactly Miss thoughts exactly."