Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let The Battle Drums Be Heard

I jacked into my pod yesterday evening expecting to either find a group to join up with for a roam or if none were to be had, to go out hunting on my own. It seems however, that was not to be.

“You can't say civilization don't advance -- for in every war, they kill you in a new way.” –Will Rogers

I’m still pretty new to 0.0 but from what I’m always told, things always have a tendency to heat up during the latter part of the year. Already, things have begun to heat up in the northern areas of Nullsec. Up until now, the south, where my alliance resides, has been for the most part fairly quiet. I honestly had a thought that little would happen until after the release of Dominion and Concord’s changes to the sovereignty rights of 0.0 alliances. However, my lack of experience in 0.0 warfare is exactly why I didn’t put any real weight on that belief and it’s good I didn’t cause as it appears, I was wrong.

At some point yesterday or the night before, Goonswarm and their pets, Zenith Affinity, invaded Esoteria and more specifically, my alliance’s home systems.

The difference between 0.0 and empire is that there doesn’t always have to be an “official” proclamation of war filed with Concord. It’s not that it doesn’t happen; it’s just not a common occurrence. Declaring war by filing with Concord is not only bad for the group being attacked but bad as well for the attacker. So when I say we are at war, understand that is an “unofficial” statement.

However, when your home space is invaded as ours has, I think it’s pretty obvious.

So….with that in mind, and taking a cue from a fellow blogger as well as alliance mate, Manasi, I will be locking down my comments section. They will not be blocked entirely but will now require approval before being posted. This journal isn’t nearly as popular as his, nor am I a corporation director within the alliance, so I don’t entirely feel the need to block the comments entirely. However, Goons are known for their out-of-pod babble and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them eventually attempting to post their drivel here whenever I may post something about my engagements with them.

Beyond that though, I look forward to the plenty of battles I’m sure we will be having. This is, after all, the reason I wanted to move to 0.0. So to all the goon children that may read this, “See you on the battlefield!”


Manasi said...

Boom Boom boomboom...;battle drums indeed! Looking forward to the fights! Hope to see you onthe field Ill make sure if I can help you or Prometheus09 out I will !

Manasi said...

Good hunting Selina I will see you on the field! I'll add you to my watxch list if I can and send reps your way if possible. Hold on tight!

Anonymous said...

Hey! just came across your blog from the comment that you posted on mine. I'm added you to my rss reader and am definitely looking forward to reading about the war down south!

Anonymous said...


i will give you mad props for bringing it if you post this comment

if you do not post it you are gay sorry :(

Selina said...

@Manasi - Looking forward to it. been a bit of a rough start for me personally as my time has been constrained due to RL but hopefully I'll get in the action soon.

@evemonkey - Thanks for the RSS add! Hopefully I can make it worth it. lol

@Anonymous - Well I would certainly hate to be considered gay.. O.o