Friday, August 21, 2009

DUST In My Head

At first I was just going to make a return comment in regards to what jamenta said in my last post, my entry for the C.K. Contest. However, I realized it was getting too long for being just a comment and decided it was worth a post of its own.

So yeah, it was kind of ironic with the timing of my post and the news release of DUST 514. I'm not sure of exact dates as I write this (and because I'm too lazy to look), but then again I did write the post even a few days before I actually posted it. Just wanted to wait a bit to keep some of my ideas as secret as possible. :)

Frankly though, I think my previous concept could still be implemented even with the introduction of DUST 514.

Now, thinking about DUST.... Originally, when I heard about DUST, I was contemplating writing my thoughts on the new game, creating my own blog post about it. Yet so much has already been written by others, most of them having the same opinion and thoughts as myself, that I didn’t think it necessary. However, in writing my comment a moment ago, I realized I had a lot to say still and sometimes it’s just nice getting it out, even if it is repetitive of what others been saying.

So to sum up my thoughts on DUST 514… Frankly, I’m not a fan at all of console games (mostly cuz i suck at handling a controller :P) However, I’m certainly not gonna go and emo-rage-quit over a rather vague and cryptic CCP announcement. I mean, so many details were left unsaid, it would be wrong of me to have a solid opinion myself already. Yet, the tid-bits they did give, did not leave me with a good feeling. Honestly, it wouldn’t have bothered me in the least (and I’m guessing numerous others) if they had suggested the game being released for both console and PC, yet that was not the case. And I think it’s this reason why so many are upset, myself included.

We, the current PC gaming Eve players, are the ones that made CCP. Not myself specifically, but us as a whole. If it wasn’t for the population of Eve Online, CCP’s investors might have shut them down a long time ago. A starting company in the gaming business never has it easy. But they did it and they did via us, the game players and fans. Now, to create a game, a game that will affect our gaming, and not give us the ability to take part in that action unless we go and get the console game (and for some of us, the console to play it on which is priced at about the same these days as a new computer), then we get to do nothing but sit back and watch. I personally wouldn’t care if I had to pay another subscription fee to be a part of it. I understand it IS like an entirely new game and so I do consider it to be fair to have to subscribe separately…though that could be argued against. But either way, I just don’t like the idea of them trying to force me to play on another piece of hardware in order to do so.

I invested a lot of money into building the PC I currently use. I’m not about to invest my money in a contraption that will be obsolete in a few years when they come out with a new, upgraded, cutting-edge, better-than-ever, console. Yes, I realize this or that in my current computer will become obsolete over time as well. But I am not about to invest double the money for two separate systems. Besides, I can only play on one at a time.

So that’s my rant. Maybe I’ll end up being wrong about the whole situation and biting my own tongue for speaking too freely, too quickly. Or maybe I won’t. Either way, that’s my rant and now I’m finished. Otherwise, for now, back to the present future world….or uhh..yeah.…something like that. :)


jamenta said...

Hiya Selina,

Sorry to see you so worried about DUST!

My guess it will expand play considerably and add an additional fascinating layer to think about.

We do the flying, they do the dying.

Sure, we're going to have to consider more facets especially in regard to planetary control, but we won't be required to go down there and get dirty unless we want to.

And if the console game is a success, it's just going to feed back into the PC side of the game money wise, a win/win for all involved.

And it isn't like CCP has forgotten us ...

I'm excited about DUST ... the vision and idea of linking FPS console players into our universe I think is kinda cool.

I also don't mind to much separating my console playing from PC. All that FPS stuff is better suited with console controls and a large TV set, instead of keyboard/mouse/monitor.

But that's just me. heh. Yah, it will be more money if you want to become a DUST trooper too ... I'm going to wait and see just how good the FPS really is before I spend the extra bucks. But my guess ... it will be awesome. :D

Selina said...

Nah, I'm really not 'worried' per say, just upset that I may not have a chance to get in on the action because I don't own a console and refuse to get one. I do love FPS games. I currently play and love Crysis for that reason, to get my FPS fix. And I also commend CCP for a daring move to have the two games interact. I'm just concerned they're idea for that interaction just isn't the right path. But again, that's based on pure speculation as to what exactly the console players contribution will be in taking and controlling sovereignty. Wait...concerned.... Yeah. Guess I am a bit worried. lol