Monday, July 06, 2009

Killin Time is Killin Me

Region: Solitude
Constellation: Elose
Solar System: Octanneve
Planet: Octanneve III - High Orbit
Station: Duvolle Laboratories Factory

Selina sat on her cot with her back against the wall, twiddling her thumbs....literally. She'd spent the past weekend running missions for her 3 agents, trading off to the others when the currently given one didn't suite her. No way was she going to digress to being an errand bitch. "'Pick me up some smokes. Get me dancers for a wedding. Transport the janitors. Take out our garbage,'" she mocked in a quiet mumble. Even then, what missions she did take nearly bored her to tears. Throw the right resistance plates on and there wasn't a mission task she couldn't do in a solo Megathron battleship. All the faction ships were so predictable, it was pathetic. In fact, it was only a few hours ago that she'd just returned from single handedly tanking the incoming fire of 5 other Megathrons while instapopping the incoming frigates. Cruisers took a few extra shots but what she didn't kill before getting too close for her 425mm Prototype I Gauss Guns to hit....her lowly tech 1 drones finished off instead.

Okay, so there had been a couple of harrowing moments. But the reason was really more of being just because she'd gotten so bored in doing the missions, she'd make silly mistakes like going out with the completely wrong resistances fitted to the ship.

So....if that is so boring, one might ask why not go hunt for targets in lowsec. Well she had......and found absolutely nothing as usual. With most of her ships pretty much stuck in Solitude, cut off by a large swathe of low sec from the more populated areas often referred to out here as 'Main Empire', she was a bit hard pressed to just leave them everything behind. But that meant having little offered little in the way of lowsec hunting without traveling a good distance. In time wore on, the temptation to make what might be a suicidal run from Solitude to Main Empire in her battleships grew with each passing day. Fit the things with warp core stabs, a nice passive tank and well....maybe some drones and.....well....just go. Ship is insured so if by chance it goes poof, oh well. Minor loss really. Most of the expensive modules, such as the gauss guns mentioned earlier, can be packaged and transported separately, in smaller faster ships. Maybe throw some of the cheap junk in the battleship cargo holds just to mock anyone that might by chance actually destroy the ship.

Still twiddling her thumbs, she muled the thought over in her head. Finally, setting her jaw, she pushed herself off the cot and activated her comm, paging her newest assistant. "Miriam."

"Yes miss?"

"Wake the maintenance crew. I've got some work for them."