Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little History Can Change Today's Decisions

Region: Genesis
Constellation: Ekrin
Solar System: Sheroo
Planet: Sheroo X - Moon 3
Station: Sisters of EVE Bureau

Selina dropped her duffel bag on the bed and powered up the suite's terminal. The room, even for its usual stale, recycled air scent, smelled even more stale than normal. Long had it been since she'd last set foot in here, but after packing up and leaving her vacation home the previous day, she knew it would be the best place for her to go in order to deal with her large and vastly spread out assets. Generally, she prides herself on being a fairly organized person, keeping most of her gear neatly distributed as needed between only a handful of stations throughout the galaxy. However, organization certainly was NOT one of Mikolan's strong suites. Upon receiving the inventory list of all the gear and ships he'd contracted to her, she'd nearly popped her jaw out of place. There was gear everywhere! From one end of empire to the other.

Ah well...what better way to reacquaint herself with the pod life than to fly from station to station, selling and collecting as she went, and NOT avoid the shortcuts through lowsec? She couldn't help but grin at that thought.

As the holo-screen of the terminal flickered to life, her favorite source of news and information about the happenings in all of Eve loaded up. To her, no better method of getting real, personal and in-depth news of events around the universe could be found then to read it straight from the personal journals of the very pilots who flew the galaxy. And "The Eve Online Portal" certainly made a great central location to find those journal keepers.

Today, as she scanned through the recent entries though, one in particular caught her eye. An entry made by a mercenary corporation called Noir, who had reprinted an article which basically chronicled the history of nullsec space. As she read it, her interest peeked once again. THIS was why she'd once been so heavily interested in moving to Nullsec. Sure, it was politics. But the politics of Nullsec were, in her opinion, much more entertaining then the entirely political wars of Empire. Empire's wars were mostly fought behind the closed doors of the leaderships and politicians. Battles were waged more by words than by their militaries. Sure, you could join the militias but that really was just a tool. You became nothing more than another capsuleer basically running missions for the numerous corporate agents. Unless things had changed since she'd went on vacation, it seemed the battles fought by the various militia groups had little to no impact on the over-all scheme of the Empire wars.

Nullsec on the other hand was an entirely different beast. Nullsec was controlled, operated, and defended by capsuleer pilots. Yes, there were talks behind closed doors. In any war, there almost always had to be. But the focus was on territory owned, or sovereignty...and the only way to gain that was through the vigilant efforts of the pod pilots involved. Each individual pod pilot could make the difference in who controlled what out there.

Besides, after reading another entry made by a pirate named Shae Tiann in an all-female pirate corp called the Hellcats, it was pretty evident Goonswarm had become determined to piss as many people off as possible. To bully anybody and everybody. And if joining the corp her friend had been pushing her to join meant she could help snuff out that growing ego of theirs, she was all for it.

Glancing again at the long inventory list, Selina gave a frustrated sigh. But of course, first things first...


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