Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dieing to Live - Pt 2

Selina kicked the door to her room as it closed and with a huff, dropped roughly onto the bed's mattress. She couldn't believe how narrow minded her professors could be. How was she expected to learn the ways of a combat pilot, told to use her head in figuring out the best way in taking down a fleet of unmanned training frigates, when she was cut short time after time by 'regulations'. What was so wrong when she started shooting the training control tower?? She had it down to about 50% structure by the time her instructor arrived and intervened. She tried to claim she wasn't intending to destroy it entirely, just enough to where most of the tower's crew would evacuate, thus the unmanned ships would shut down automatically with nobody at the remote-control station within the tower.

Just before the appearance of her instructor's Dominix battlecruiser, she could already see numerous escape pods jettisoning from the sides of the tower.

Unfortunately nobody was siding with her. Not after she'd completely annihilated the mining colony last week, a station that still had survivors in it when she was told to neutralize a rogue drone threat. She barely survived damnation only because nobody could prove her wrong when she claimed the drones were originating from within the station....given there was no station remaining to investigate... Okay, so even she wasn't entirely sure that's where they were originating from but they did stop appearing after the station's destruction!

Now here she was, being forced to stay within the confines of her room until 'suitable punishment' could be decided upon. They even had two guards posted outside her door, citing her general tendency to disobey simple orders that she decided she didn't agree with. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long before the door slid open and in walked her instructor.

"Selina, I swear on my own pilot's license your going to be the end of me. If I have to argue one more time for them to let you finish your training, I'm immediately going to follow suite with my own resignation. Already they're saying that at the rate you're going, with your 'overkill tendencies', that they're wasting training time on what may turn out to be yet another rogue pirate. We're not training pirates here, we're training combat pilots. And as a combat pilot, there are certain regulations and policies for engagement that you must learn to adhere to. Understood?"

Snapping to her feet, she quickly swung a mock salute. "Sir! Yes Sir!"

Rolling his eyes, he stepped out of the path to the door. "You're free to go....but again, do at least try to be a little more....considerate...of your targets. Okay? You only have a few more days of flight time before your graduation. Until then at least, please stay out of trouble. Please?"

Giggling like a little school girl, she paused as she passed him "I promise," she says before sneaking in a quick peck on his cheek and bolting down the hall towards the hanger. What better way to relieve the stress of bureaucratic bullshit then to go on a nice flight around the system?